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Kelly George

When we bought our new home we wanted to rent our existing house rather than sell it.  Limerick Properties helped us get our rental business up and running.  Our place was rented easily and quickly.  Melissa and her husband are incredibly knowledgeable about every aspect of the business and were very responsive to all our questions.  I am sure that with their help we avoided numerous headaches.  It was worth every penny!

Punarjee & Hasanthi Wijeratne

As first time rental property owners, my wife and I didn’t know anything about managing a property, and the way we approached it had flaws that we had overlooked. Then we met up with Melissa and Dave and they advised us from the first thing we needed to do to the last step in the process of managing a rental property. This included how to protect ourselves from unexpected pitfalls, set up the corporate structure, evaluate renters, and tips on attracting reliable renters, and the list goes on. They were liberally sharing with us all their experiences including the documentation they used, so we could get a head start. We are so thankful to them for guiding us. We were anxious about getting into property management, but after talking to them and listening to their advice and experiences, we walked out of our meeting feeling confident and motivated to start off a successful rental business just like them.