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Property Management Made Easy

For First Time Rental Property Owners

If you are a first time property manager this book is for you.  It contains a ton of practical and easy to follow advice on everything from figuring out how much rent to charge to maximize your profits to how to advertise inexpensively and effectively.  From how to set up your company and your website to how to run credit checks and evaluate ability to pay.  This book will help you to get up and running fast while avoiding the costly mistakes.  It's the "what we wish someone had told us" book.

About the Author

Melissa DeLong and her husband have owned and managed rental properties for over 10 years.  They have never been shorted a single penny in rent owed, and have kept a 98% occupancy rate over the entire 10 year period.  They now consult for first time property managers helping them get their businesses started with practical advice and help every step of the way.